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Between the Sword and the Wall
Infinity and the South China Sea
In Another Time amd Place: stories
The Accomplishments of a Hat

Between the Sword and the Wall

a novel set in 1914-15 during a period in World War I when it seemed the fighting would

never end. From the first pages the author brings the WWI era to life and the reader feels

everything that an eyewitness must have felt. One begins to understand the struggles of

allied soldiers trapped in occupied Belgium, and the sacrifices some people made in helping

them escape to Holland and freedom.

Infinity and the South China Sea

A short story collection set in Southeast Asia. Each of the stories takes place in one

or another of the countries     bordering the South China Sea. The stories explore

the human condition and are linked by the theme of the search for freedom, whether

it be personal, political or social, and the power to choose.

When Words Were Not Enough

This collection offers 127 poems by over 50 poets, and represents some of the

most significant and poignant examples of the poetry of the First World War.